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About Us

COMBINA BAR - shop and service, offers best - in COFFEE MACHINES and others. BAR EQUIPMENT !!!

Best specialists are in our team to meet your needs !!!

COMBINA BAR - shop and service is the current phase of a dynamic organization, tendentious led over the years by the same person with the desire to create a truly workable, responsible and quality system.

The name and logo of COMBINA BAR Ltd. are the epitome of basic principles leading us along the way of our development.

COMBINA BAR-store carried the idea of a closed cycle of full service, offering a full range of spare parts, new and used / recycled by COMBINA BAR service / coffee machines and other bar equipment, purchase and replacement of coffee machines, rent, guarantee and subsequent maintenance, and everything connected with the activity of interest to us and The Customer.

COMBINA BAR is able to deliver any kind of spare parts and accessories necessary for bars and service activity.

COMBINA BAR Ltd. thanks to it's Clients: BIANCHI COFFEE who confided service of their machines, to us since the creation of their company in 2003. ; Dimello; Costa Caffee; Illy; Mocambo; Re cafe; Portorico, and most other coffee companies that do not use our service, but are customers of the store COMBINA BAR.